October's Rider Of The Month: Connie M

SWEAT is excited to begin a new segment and show our rider appreciation by highlighting a Rider Of The Month! We could not be more thrilled to announce Connie M as this months rider! Connie represents everything SWEAT stands for, she brightens up the studio every time she walks in the door, crushes it in the saddle and has truly become part of the SWEAT FAM! We love you Connie, keep an eye out this week for a little surprise!  


1. When was your first ride?
I believe it was the end of January beginning of February 2016!

2. Why did you decide to start riding?
I have ridden off and on for years. I love the rush of a spin class but nothing could prepare me for the feeling I had after taking my first SWEAT Class. I knew then this is going to change my life…sounds corny but it’s true.

 3. What's your favorite thing about the studio?
This is tough because I can’t name just one thing. From the moment I stepped in the door everyone was friendly & welcoming, staff and members. I felt like I belonged right away. The studio is alway immaculate and now I don’t have to arrive early because I can reserve my bike ahead of time.

4. Favorite artist to spin to / song to spin to?
I loooove me some old school Hip Hop, R and B, and old school rap. There have been many a time during Ashley’s Throw Back Thursday that I need to stop grooving & remind myself that there are other people around LOL. I can get lost in the music.

5. Take us through your SWEAT journey how has it changed you?
I get welled up when I think about this question, when I started spinning at Sweat I was 53lbs heavier and just not in a good place emotionally or mentally. I had become just a mom, anurse, a caregiver & forgot about myself. I was so busy taking care of everyone else & making sure everybody else was ok. Daughters, patients, my family and my friends just all seemed so much more important than I was. I had driven by the studio many times and kept telling myself go in see what it’s all about. I’m not going to lie I left my first class feeling defeated. How come I couldn’t keep up? How did I let myself get so heavy? You can’t do this. Then I remember the instructor saying you can do anything for 30 seconds while we were sprinting. I could do this and DID!! I kept going back and little by little I got stronger, the weight started coming off but the most amazing part was I made new friends the staff weren’t staff anymore they became my “family” and I found myself. I took time for me, 45 minutes that’s how long a class is but it added years onto my soul & my life. Sweat is my “place” for 45 minutes it’s all about me. I have sweated puddles on the floor & I have cried puddles on the floor because it’s all about me. I am healthy, fit and after a class stress free for a little while LOL. So to sum it up Sweat has changed my life for the better and I look A LOT better in a bathing suit LOL. Krista, Ashley D, Kim, Aly, Janelle, Ashley F you ladies inspire & build me up we live in a world that can be so sad sometimes thank you for being my “place” where I know I’m safe to "get it all out”. Thank you for pushing me when I think I can’t anymore, thank you for the hugs, the laughs, the cries & ALLLLL the good feels. I love you all. I LOVE MY SWEAT FAMILY.