November's Rider Of The Month: Caty W

Hey SWEAT, we're excited to announce this month's VIP Rider -- Caty W! Caty has been SWEATing it out with us since 2015 and is a valuable member of our SWEAT Fam! Her energy, drive and passion represents SWEAT as a whole and we are honored to have Caty as November's Rider of the Month! Check out Caty's SWEAT story below!

1. How did you find us / what brought you to SWEAT? 
I saw a few social media posts I think on Instagram under things you may watch or like. I definitely wanted to try something new, the gym just wasn't cutting it anymore. I had always been a gym person since high school and would go a few times a week to get active and stay moving especially through college. I always need to fill my time and be on the go, I can't sit on the couch all day. I wasn't seeing any results from the gym anymore. I sit behind a desk all day, 5 days a week and I wanted something other than work, gym and home, I wanted to be a part of something I guess, so I said 'hey I’ll give it a try'. 


2. When was your first ride? 
My first ride was with Ashley on June 13 2015, never took more than 2 weeks off since. I’m addicted ;) 

3. First impression of us? 
AMAZING! I loved the energy, the music and how different the class was. For someone who doesn't want to sit still this pretty much fulfilled that need ;). I immediately got hooked, I think I bought a month unlimited before I even tried the first class, I just knew the minute I walked in. 

4. Favorite ride/instructors? 
Any drenched ride! Instructor wise it’s honestly a tie with Krista and Ashley (not just saying it because they are CC’d here;) ) they are different in the music and speed of the class, but I do like to change that up and jump between the two of them a week to week.

5. Favorite artist/song to spin to? 
Country music makes any on top of the beat so much better! Love when Ashley sneaks a remix country song in. I do love the “old school” songs from the 90s or early 2000s like the ones you can sing along to in your head and you don’t hear on the radio anymore.

6. Take us through your SWEAT journey how has it changed you? 
SWEAT is literally my therapy. I walk in after work and my stress literally goes away, I sweat the day’s stress right off. I see Krista, Ashley, Ava or Belsh at the front desk, my friends who I brought to spin sitting in the entrance, the music blasting from the spin room and it's an instant mood lifter. I could be exhausted or sore but I still get on that saddle and do my best because I know at the end of the 45 minutes it'll all be worth it. I’ve lost around 30 pounds (give or take over the 2 years) since I started spin, I was never a runner or cardio person at the gym I had always stuck to weights but there’s something about SWEAT that makes cardio more enjoyable. It’s not how fast I can run or how short of a time it takes me to go from one point to another; you listen to the instructors, you push yourself, you get lost in the music and you’re forced to focus on one single action for 45 minutes. Everyone is in the same boat, we are all starting and finishing at the same time and your only competition is yourself. There are some days I want to sit in the back and barely sprint but those are the days I need spin the most. Those are the days where I need to push myself and get my ass out of the saddle and go harder than I did the day before. That’s what I love about spin. The support, the motivation and the friends I’ve made is something you can’t find everywhere you go, but I was lucky enough to do that. I’ve been to other spin studios whether it’s home in CT or on the south shore but they don’t compare to SWEAT. The way Krista has formed this community of SWEAT spinners is amazing.