It is no surprise that my busiest month for weight loss clients is January.  People come flooding in with great intentions to get on a healthy eating plan, but unfortunately well over half of people do not succeed in maintaining their healthy changes. (Maintaining being the key word here!) 

In those who have long-term success, they share one thing in common…they adopt new habits and ways of thinking about food and lifestyle, instead of just following a “diet”.  Their focus becomes long-term health, instead of short-term weight loss.  

Here are some success strategies to help you follow through on your resolution to better health!     

Don’t rely solely on which healthy eating program you choose to follow, focus more on how you can change your thinking about health, food, and nutrition.  Most people do not put enough effort into making the shift from “diet” to “lifestyle”.   Do some research to make sure the eating program you follow has a solid nutrition foundation (it is always best to have a Registered Dietitian back it up ☺), but changing your mindset is just as important as changing your diet. Keep in mind that not one single nutrition program works for everyone.  If you are eating healthy and exercising, you will have success if you are consistent.  

Take the time to learn about healthy nutrition (what to eat, portions etc.)  Some of my clients want me to just hand them a meal plan to follow without learning anything about nutrition.  It is just as important to learn how to plan meals on your own.  This helps to add variety and give you the flexibility to enjoy your food.  After all, we have to eat for the rest of our lives!  Knowledge is power! 

Do not obsess over numbers on the scale.   Weight fluctuates day to day, and it will drive you crazy if it becomes your main focus.  When you get your mind off the numbers, you will find success in so many other ways… more energy, better mood, better digestion, better sleep, better skin…the list goes on and on. Give yourself the freedom to measure success by the other victories that come with good health.     

Be realistic about your goals.  A lot of people have unrealistic goals when it comes to changing their body.  There are 7.6 billion people on our planet, and we all have different metabolic and physiological characteristics which influence our body shape, and how easily we can build muscle and lose body fat.   Don’t set an unrealistic goal- remember that health comes in all shapes and sizes.   

Have a plan/create structure.  Find a way to hold yourself accountable. Schedule workouts and meal planning into your days- being prepared is one of the biggest tools for success.  Eating healthy takes consistent effort, but you are worth it. 

STAY consistent.  This is the key to seeing permanent changes and positive results.   As your body starts to change and you start to experience great health, it gets easier and easier to stay on track. 

Cook in bulk.  This is a time-saving strategy and also allows you to use portion control because you can separate your food into appropriate portions ahead of time, store in the fridge for the week, or freeze for longer. 

Listen to your body’s hunger cues.  Wait for your body to feel hungry to eat.   Try not to eat just because the clock says it’s time, or because there is food in front of you.  If you are eating proper servings of good nutrition when you get hungry, your body will fall into the pattern of eating every 3-4 hours, which is the best way to fuel your body and maintain a fast metabolism. 

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Assume 100% responsibility for your results!  Even though heredity plays a role in our body shape and make-up, the factors that affect health are under your control.  Like it or not, success lies primarily in behavior and attitudes towards health.  No matter what your body type is, embrace it!  You can always get healthy by taking consistent action in the areas you can control. 

The factors you CAN control:
How much you eat
What you eat
When you eat
How frequently you exercise
Your overall lifestyle
Your mental attitude about your health and individual situation 

Be realistic about your body and accept the role it plays in providing you a healthy place to live.  You only have one body, make health a priority in 2018!  

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Janaelle Humberd, Registered Dietitian, LDN  
Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant / Health Coach