Hey SWEAT fam, we are so excited to announce a new segment on our blog, SWEAT Favorites! Every month we will bring you a few of the SWEAT fams favorite products that they're using and loving! The products are SWEAT tested and SWEATY approved! Check out our first batch of favorites below!

This weeks theme is skin care!

Lauren: If I ever have a breakout my essential product is tea tree oil, just one spot on the trouble area and BOOM it'll dry that sucker right up!!! 


Emily: I'm obsessed with Boscia's Thermal Black Cleanser. Great detox for skin, nice light fragrance to wake you up, and it warms when you lather so it feels like a mini facial!


Nick: Every morning and night I wash my face with Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream. It clears out every bit of dirt and grime without over-drying. It has a cool, tingling effect which leads me to believe it’s really doing its job… but who knows, I just think it feels awesome. And it’s cheap!


Have a favorite product that you use? Comment it below to be featured in the next segment of SWEAT Favorites!